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Dr. Kim is a board-certified psychiatrist practicing in Dallas, TX. After graduating magna cum laude at Harvard University, she attended medical school at UT-Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Dr. Kim did her residency there as well, serving as chief resident her final year. She then was a clinical assistant professor at UT-Southwestern and Parkland Hospital before starting her private practice.


Dr. Morgan is a board-certified anesthesiologist practicing in Dallas, TX. He graduated with honors from the University of Dallas. He attended medical school at UT-Southwestern Medical Center, completing his residency training there as well. Following residency, Dr. Morgan has practiced in North Dallas specializing in anesthesia for neurological disease.

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Texas Ketamine Specialists
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by Jamie on Texas Ketamine Specialists
The best approach to ketamine therapy!

The entire staff at Texas Ketamine Specialists is top notch. I have been to a bad ketamine clinic and suffered the consequences, but everything about TKS proves that this is the way it should be done. From setting appointments to getting the treatments to chats with Dr. Kim throughout the process - I couldn't put together a better team. Depression and anxiety have been a part of my life since I was very young. When I hit rock bottom, ketamine was my saving grace. If you are like I was and you want to go into this treatment with confidence, call them to help you.

by Anon. on Texas Ketamine Specialists
Family Member Impressed

I watched my sister evolve from a shell of a person to the amazing woman I used to know. This group and staff truly care. Dr. Kim is amazing.

by C.D. on Texas Ketamine Specialists
Remarkable new outlook on life

I'm writing this review as an observer. Sometimes an observer notices things the patient doesn't realize are going on. My adult daughter has suffered with treatment-resistant depression for 16 years, and really much longer than that.She's taken antidepressants along with therapy though those years with minimal to no results. Out of exhaustion and despair she has reached the point of considering and planning suicide several times, but thankfully was always interrupted.When we learned of Texas Ketamine Specialists she really wanted to try ketamine. Her veins are hard to reach, and the fact that an anesthesiologist was available to start and maintain the IV made this the perfect practice. We'd heard it was important for a psychiatrist to monitor the patient's response to the ketamine, and felt this was the perfect combination of skills. After the first infusion, she didn't feel much different, until 24 hours later, and her listlessness began to be replaced with initiative...she felt like folding clothes. Her emotions weren't very changed, but her energy was improving. The next day was her second infusion. As we drove home she began to feel a lightening in her mood. Not dramatic at first, but it continued to improve every day. By the next week she had the energy to shop, run errands, and was laughing again and having fun. This course continued to increase and continue throughout the infusion series. Ketamine has given her "herself" back. I haven't seen her like this since she was a child. I'm so thankful she found two wonderful doctors who provided such a wonderful and amazing medicine.

by B.D. on Texas Ketamine Specialists
Ketamine Infusion Therapy is a Real Breakthrough

I have suffered from bipolar depression for over 20 years. I have been through the horrific medication roulette game and settled on a combination of patched together drugs that helped some, but always had a very difficult side effect tradeoff. After doing 6 Ketamine Infusion therapies, my life has been transformed and I no longer need the meds. My moods and outlook on life are back to when I was a teenager. This is a true breakthrough treatment without the side effects. For me, it has been nothing short of a miracle.

by Anonymous on Texas Ketamine Specialists

"Ketamine has significantly improved my quality of life. I am able to now enjoy socializing and being active again. I am so glad I made the decision to try the treatment because it has helped me tremendously. It is wonderful that Dr. Kim and Dr. Morgan are now offering this treatment option for patients."