Ketamine for Postpartum Depression Overview

Brand-new moms are expected to feel full of positive energy and joy after giving birth, so it can become confusing and stressful when a new mom feels the opposite. It is estimated up to 80% of new mothers experience the “baby blues” a few days after delivery. While these feelings of worry, self-doubt and unhappiness usually go way on their own within a couple weeks, some women’s feelings are unusually intense and last longer than two weeks. In these women, postpartum depression (PPD) may be the cause. Women living in the Dallas, Plano and Richardson, Texas communities now have a safe and effective postpartum depression (PPD) treatment available to them at Texas Ketamine Specialists – ketamine for postpartum depression.

What is Postpartum Depression?

It is reported about 10% of new mothers develop PPD following the birth of their baby. It is often hard for new moms to distinguish between clinical depression and the typical exhaustion and stress of a newborn. If a woman’s despair and self-doubt prevents her from performing daily tasks and enjoying life, a postpartum depression diagnosis may be reached.

Postpartum depression is the result of a combination of environmental, emotional, hormonal and genetic factors. Common PPD symptoms include:

  • Constant crying
  • Extreme hopelessness, sadness or emptiness
  • Difficulty sleeping or concentrating
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of enjoyment in usual activities and hobbies
  • Extreme guilt or self-doubt

Are you suffering from postpartum depression?

You may be a candidate for Ketamine Therapy. Contact us today to learn more.

Common Postpartum Depression (PPD) Treatment

Postpartum depression (PPD) treatment is similar to depression treatment that occurs before or during pregnancy. Common treatments include antidepressants and talk therapy (psychotherapy).

Psychotherapy is often performed on a one-on-one basis with a mental health professional. Some women enjoy a group setting so they can hear other new moms are experiencing the same daily struggles. Antidepressant medications are effective in a fairly large population of women, but the side effects and risk of passing the medication to a newborn during breastfeeding causes many mothers to search for another postpartum depression treatment. Fortunately, a new treatment option is available to women and is known as ketamine for postpartum depression.

What is Ketamine for Postpartum Depression?

Ketamine therapy has been used in the medical field for many years as an anesthetic for children and adults. Ketamine for postpartum depression may be an ideal alternative to conventional treatments because of its high success rates, fast-acting symptom relief and little to no risk to the baby.

Symptoms associated with PPD have the ability to be diminished in as little as hours or days, not weeks. Ketamine infusions not only work quickly, they also do not have the side effects of typical antidepressants and will not be transmitted to the baby through breastfeeding.

If you are a new mom struggling with postpartum depression, there is now a treatment option that has the ability to return enjoyment of daily life back in a matter of days. It has been shown that 70% of patients can expect to achieve symptom relief after only 1-2 ketamine infusions.

If you live in the Dallas, Plano and Richardson, Texas area and are searching for postpartum depression (PPD) treatment options, contact Texas Ketamine Specialists today to learn more about ketamine for postpartum depression.


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