Ketamine Infusions as an Extreme Depression Treatment Overview

Depression is quite common but also a serious disorder. The symptoms range from mild sadness to severe anger and irritability that ruins personal relationships and a person’s self-worth. In more severe cases, an individual living with depression may even have suicidal thoughts. Men and women suffering from clinically-diagnosed severe depression now have a new extreme depression treatment available to them in the Dallas, Plano and Richardson, Texas area. Texas Ketamine Specialists offers ketamine infusions when antidepressants and other treatments have failed. Even though ketamine is not a depression cure, it provides remarkable symptom relief in many patients.

Symptoms of Severe Depression

Certain individuals suffering from extreme depression, clinically known as severe depression, will have symptoms so severe they experience more than mild to moderate sadness, irritability and anger that is associated with depression. Severe depression often causes:

  • Hopelessness
  • Irritability
  • Thoughts of death or suicide
  • Loss of interest in once enjoyable activities
  • Insomnia or excessive sleeping
  • Alcohol or drug dependence
  • Psychotic episodes that include delusions or hallucinations

Common Depression Treatments

When a person experiencing severe depression symptoms reaches out to a medical professional for help, they are typically prescribed antidepressants as their depression cure of symptoms. Unfortunately, 33% of sufferers will experience no symptom relief with antidepressants. The individual is then normally prescribed a combination of talk therapy (psychotherapy) and medications as the extreme depression treatment.

If the person suffering from severe depression still does not respond to treatment, they often lose hope. The risk of suicide and drug and alcohol dependence significantly rises, personal relationships become strained and everyday life may no longer be important.

Extreme depression treatment has now changed forever for these individuals with the discovery of ketamine infusions.

Ketamine Infusions are not a Depression Cure but Provide Significant Symptom Relief

Developed in the 1950s, ketamine is an FDA-approved anesthetic commonly used in adults, children and pets. In more recent years, medical researchers and physicians have discovered that ketamine works much sooner than traditional antidepressants, and even works when these medications fail to relieve severe depression treatments.

After a thorough medical review, treatment history and consultation with Texas Ketamine Specialists, an individual suffering from severe depression will be given medications to treat anxiety or nausea, as well as to minimize blood pressure changes. The IV will then be placed and the approximate 40-minute ketamine infusion will begin.

Many patients undergoing ketamine as an extreme depression treatment require only 1-2 ketamine infusions to determine if the treatment is effective. If positive results are achieved, a patient usually receives 6 total infusions within a few weeks. A maintenance booster may then be necessary every 2-4 months. Texas Ketamine Specialists will explain the protocol for this innovative treatment with all patients in great detail.

If you have been prescribed traditional depression cures that are not working and want to learn more about symptom relief with ketamine, or to determine if you are a candidate for ketamine infusions as an extreme depression treatment, please contact the Dallas, Plano and Richardson, Texas area office of Texas Ketamine Specialists today.

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