Ketamine Therapy as a CRPS Treatment

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is defined as a chronic pain condition that causes intense pain typically in the legs, feet, arms or hands after an injury. This cause of chronic pain is believed to be caused by damage to the peripheral and central nervous systems. Because this condition is chronic (lasting longer than six months), an effective CRPS treatment is critical in order to help return individuals to a pain-free lifestyle. Serving the communities of Dallas, Plano and Richardson, Texas, Texas Ketamine Specialists offers ketamine infusion as a CRPS treatment for individuals struggling to find pain relief.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Overview

A common cause of chronic pain, complex regional pain syndrome most often impacts one limb, either an arm, leg, hand or foot, and usually begins after an injury. Even though the exact cause of CRPS is unknown, many medical professionals believe it is associated with a malfunction of the central and peripheral nervous systems.

The hallmark symptom of complex regional pain syndrome is prolonged, severe pain. Many individuals living with this condition report pain as “burning,” “pins and needles” or as if someone were squeezing the affected limb. The condition is also characterized by changes in skin color, changes in hair and nail growth, swelling and temperature changes in the affected area.

CRPS is most common in women and typically peaks at around the age of 40 years. The chronic pain condition is rarely diagnosed in children under 10 years or in the elderly.

Common CRPS Treatments

Like many other chronic pain conditions, CRPS is treated with talk therapy, rehabilitation and physical therapy exercises, a combination of medications, sympathetic nerve blocks and spinal cord stimulation. Many people suffering from complex regional pain syndrome are prescribed numerous treatment combinations with little to no symptom improvement. There is now an emerging CRPS treatment showing great promise – ketamine therapy.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Ketamine is an FDA-approved medication that has been used as an anesthetic agent for many years. Over more recent years, medical professionals and clinical studies have shown that ketamine offers fast-acting and long-lasting symptom relief for complex regional pain syndrome.

Ketamine therapy as a CRPS treatment is similar to that used with clinical depression cases. Patients receive 1-2 infusions, each one lasting about 40 minutes, to see if the treatment is effective. If positive results are reached, a patient will receive additional infusions, as well as maintenance boosters. Many patients report reduced symptoms in only hours or days, with many reporting significant relief in only 1-2 infusions.

If you live in the Dallas, Plano and Richardson, Texas communities and cannot find symptom relief for your case of complex regional pain syndrome, contact Texas Ketamine Specialists to determine if ketamine therapy is an ideal CRPS treatment option.

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